LRN AM Newscall January 2nd

What are the best practices to maintain your new year’s resolutions?  Louisiana Department of Health has some tips.

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Unanimous jury verdicts are now required in serious felony cases in Louisiana. Matt Doyle has more.

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Governor John Bel Edwards says his top legislative priority is to give teachers a pay raise. Don Molino looks at whether the governor will be successful…

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With the new year comes the tradition of making new year’s resolutions.  But many of the goals don’t necessarily withstand the test of time.  Assistant Secretary for the Office of Public Health at LHD, Alex Billioux says among the recommendations in order to complete goals, choose goals you can truly commit to out of desire.

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Billioux recommends putting together a highly detailed plan of action to make sure that your goals fit into your daily routine.

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Billioux recommends setting goals that might not be so big and overwhelming.

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All felony convictions require a unanimous jury decision, as the unanimous juries constitutional amendment that passed in November is now in effect. It’s the end of a Jim Crowe era law that made Louisiana one of only two states that did not require unanimous decisions in those cases, and Loyola University Law Professor Dane Ciolino says it’s a positive change.

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64-percent of voters approved the amendment.

Opponents are concerned unanimous verdicts will make it tougher for justice to be served to those who commit heinous crimes. Ciolino says those concerns are exaggerated, as DAs in other states do just fine…

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Ciolino says the new law could mean a few more hung jury results, and will probably force DAs to reconsider pursing charges when the case is shaky.

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Oregon is now the only state that allows non-unanimous juries.


A major story in 2019 will be the governor’s race. Democrat John Bel Edwards is up for re-election and there’s two announced Republican challengers, Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone. UL-Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says it’s unclear who will be Edwards’ biggest challenge

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The gubernatorial primary is October 12th. Cross says the race will likely need the November 16th runoff and the winner that night will probably win by a slim margin

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Cross says Edwards opponents will point to the state’s economy as a reason why a change is needed in the governor’s mansion

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Louisiana is seeing a wet start to the New Year.  A flash flood warning has been posted for Lake Charles, Alexandria, and Monroe as the state is expected to get pounded with rain.  National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Nuttall says the downpour is expected to last until Thursday evening.

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Nuttall says several factors contribute to the recent pattern of rainier weather.

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Some areas in North Louisiana could see 4-6 inches of rain.

There will be no talk of a national championship at U-C-F. LSU ended the Knights 25-game winning streak with a 40-32 win in the Fiesta Bowl. Quarterback Joe Burrow bounced back from an early pick six to throw for 394 yards and four touchdowns

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LSU finishes the season 10-3. It’s first ten-win season since 2013. There were some who projected that the Tigers would only win seven games, but Coach Ed Orgeron says they never listened to the doubters…

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LSU’s defense was great against one of the top offenses in college football. They held U-C-F to 250 total yards as the Tigers played without several starters and lost two more players during the game as a result of a targeting penalty and a punch to the helmet. Rashard Lawrence had two of the Tigers five sacks…

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LSU’s defense also forced two turnovers. Devin White forced a fumble in the first half that turned the momentum. The Springhill native was one of a few projected first round picks to play in a non-playoff bowl game…

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After losing to the Carolina Panthers 33-14 in the regular season finale, the Saints say they will use the extra week before their January 13th playoff game to focus on fundamentals. New Orleans defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins says the mistakes they made against the Panthers are fixable

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The Saints will play either Dallas, Seattle or Philadelphia in the NFC Divisional round. Rankins says having a week to focus on themselves will be good for the Black and Gold

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