AM Newscall 01.01.19

Governor John Bel Edwards says pay issues for minimum wage workers and the gender wage gap are among his big concerns to spearhead in 2019.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Plaquemine Representative Chad Brown wants to make sure Louisianans get to keep some of the most popular aspects of Obamacare, even if a pending court case undoes the law…

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324 members of the Golden Band from Tigerland are in Glendale today for the Fiesta Bowl game, joining the Fighting Tigers in representing LSU in Arizona. LSU Videographer and former band member Steven Miley, on Talk Louisiana, said when the band takes a big trip like this, it’s all business.

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And for those of you tuning in early, or at the game against Central Florida, Miley says there’s quite a treat waiting for you, as the band has been practice since Saturday in Arizona for the game.

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Miley says it’s a different world these days, as technology has made it easier than ever for band members to stay synchronized. He says in the old days, players were handed a sheet of paper telling them where to go for each song, but now it’s all on an app…

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Kickoff is at 12PM


Looking back on 2018, Governor John Bel Edwards says one of the issues Louisiana came up short with and hopes to make a priority in 2019 is issues with wages.  Currently, the minimum wage in Louisiana is set at $7.25 an hour.  Edwards says the last time Congress addressed a minimum wage increase was in 2009 and now the current rate just isn’t a meaningful wage a decade later.

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Edwards says the gender wage gap in Louisiana is also a major concern as women earn about 66 cents on the dollar compared to men performing a similar job.  He estimates women of color are at about 50 cents on the dollar.

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Edwards says although it’s a letdown nothing has changed with wage issues since taking office, the push will continue in 2019.

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A new report indicates the oyster population continues to struggle along the Gulf Coast.  Coastal and marine conservation director at the Nature Conservatory Seth Blitch says the industry connected with oysters in all gulf coast states has struggled in the time since the 2010 oil spill.

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Blitch says several factors have contributed to the decline in the population such as the oil spill, hurricanes, and a lack of dynamic salinity levels in the water.

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Blitch says the oyster population’s importance extends beyond just the business side of the harvesting the shell fish.

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A representative is bringing legislation in the upcoming session that would lock in protections for Louisianans with pre-existing conditions and allow dependents to stay on their parent’s plans until 26, even if a pending court case strikes down Obamacare. Plaquemine Representative Chad Brown says it’s a vital bill.

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A Judge in Texas declared the entire ACA unconstitutional. The case is set to be heard next in the New Orleans based 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Brown says he’s confident they could replace federal laws with state protections if Obamacare is struck down.

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Brown is confident the legislation would pass, due to the outpouring of bipartisan support for the two issues it addresses.

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