11:30 LRN Newscast

2018 will be remembered as a year where Louisiana achieved budget stability by renewing a portion of an expiring one-cent sales tax which allowed the state to fully fund the TOPS scholarship program, public colleges and higher education.

In 2018, the state also lost its title as incarceration capital of the world as a result of criminal justice reform efforts approved in 2017.

The MeToo movement hit the Secretary of State’s office, which led to the resignation of Secretary Tom Schedler. Dawn Ross, spoke with LRN, and said she was the victim of sexually suggestive charged emails, gifts and advances since 2007 from Schedler. Ross says her boss also stalked her and bought a town home in her complex…
Cut 7 (15) “…back there.”

The Harahan Police Department’s recent offer to screen methamphetamine for the Zika virus has captured the attention of social media and news outlets across the globe. In a Facebook post, the department encouraged meth users to bring all of their drug to police for free testing. Police Chief Tim Walker acknowledged the post was a stunt to bring attention to the issue of drug use….
Cut 3 (08) “…their free time.”
Walker admits there is no meth actually contaminated with the Zika virus.

A new year begins tomorrow, which means new laws go into effect, including one that allows you to set up a camera to monitor elderly loved ones in their nursing home room. River Ridge Representative Kirk Talbot says the families must pay for the device and installation, cannot use the facility’s Wi-Fi, and…
Cut 9 (06) “…roommate″
The legislation was inspired by a case of suspected abuse of an elderly person by nursing home workers.