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Senator John Kennedy is delaying his announcement on whether or not he’ll run for governor until Monday, siting travel issues. ULM Poli Sci Professor Joshua Stockley says it’s suspicious that the Senator is waiting so late in the game to make a call, but if he does give the green light for a 2019 run, he’ll have quite a few reason to think he can win.

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And those aren’t the only good reasons for taking a crack at the Governor’s Mansion. One, even if he loses, he’ll get to keep his Senate seat until he’s up for re-election, and two, there’s a new poll out showing Kennedy has an early lead over incumbent John Bel Edwards. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says the 49-45 percent lead in the poll of 500 of Louisiana’s frequent voters would put the Senator in a strong starting position.

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Pinsonat did mention that both candidates remain highly popular with Louisianans, both sporting over 60 percent approval ratings.

The son of south Louisiana serial killer Derrick Todd Lee has been charged with negligent homicide in the shooting death of a 16-year-old East Feliciana High School student. East Feliciana Sheriff Jeff Travis says 19-year-old Dedrick Lee was playing with a gun when it went off killing Valentae Brooks

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Tangipahoa Parish authorities say they believe the 3 pound baby boy found in the back of a Tickfaw garbage truck was likely a stillborn. Sheriff Daniel Edwards says they’re searching for the child’s mother, and have honed in on the likely dumping location after determining where the corpse was located relative to other trash in the truck that had been compacted.

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The child was discovered by a Waste Management worker yesterday  while he was loading trash cans into his vehicles compactor along Whiskey Lane.