AM LRN Newscall December 31st

It’s New Years’ Eve and many across the state will celebrate by shooting fireworks tonight and State Fire Marshal Butch Browning encourages everyone to be safe. Scott Carwile reports…

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New young whooping cranes have been released into the Wetlands Conservation Area in Gueydan. Emelie Gunn has the story….

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Elmer Chocolate announces a 40 million dollar expansion. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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It’s New Years’ Eve and many across the state will celebrate by shooting fireworks tonight. State Fire Marshal Butch Browning encourages everyone to follow a few rules so you can enjoy your fireworks safely. He says you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations…

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He also suggests that you have an ample water supply nearby to douse spent or misfired fireworks and you should never light fireworks in your hand. Browning says his office investigated 12 serious firework related injuries during the 4th of July season this year…

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Browning also says you should never handle fireworks while drinking alcohol nor allow children to light them. He says, in the unfortunate incident that you are burned by fireworks, remain calm…

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Fourteen juvenile whooping cranes have been released into White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area. Wildlife Biologist with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sara Zimorski says the birds were delivered in early December from the U.S. Geological Survey. She says the young birds join 26 adults already being monitored by wildlife officials.

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Zimorski says even with some set backs, the birds are doing well in this environment. She says last year a young pair of birds nested twice with unfertilized eggs but took the proper steps to incubate.

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Zimorski says a total of 64 whooping cranes have been released since they started to regrow the population in Louisiana and 40 birds are still alive.

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Elmer Chocolate announces they will undergo a 40 million dollar expansion to their Ponchatoula factory. CEO Robert Nelson says the 70 thousand square foot addition will allow the plant to do everything more efficiently.

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Nelson says this addition will create a variety of new jobs at Elmer. He says they look at this expansion as a model for other U.S. manufactures to follow.

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Nelson says this addition is necessary to stay in business for the long haul. He says the state is assisting through their fast start program which will help Elmer employees learn new job skills.

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LSU loses to Notre Dame 31-28 in the Music City Bowl and it’s also possible they are losing their very successful defensive coordinator. Reports indicate that John Chavis will leave LSU for the same job at Texas A-and-M. Chavis spoke with reporters after the game, but didn’t want to talk about his future…

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During the post-game press conference, Coach Les Miles spoke about Chavis in the past tense

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Chavis made one-point-three million dollars this past season, and LSU has offered him a new contract. But it’s been reported the Aggies are willing to give “Chief” a 400-thousand dollar raise. Miles was asked about losing Chavis to an SEC West rival…

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