LRN Newscast 14:30 12-24-14

Here on Christmas Eve, many last-minute shoppers have been purchasing gift cards for presents this year, and Tucker Group Financial Educator Jeanette Tucker says it’s best to make sure there is a toll-free number on the back so the card, so the receipient can know how much money is on there and how much is left when they use it….
CUT 11 (10) Q: “particular vendor”
And gift cards make great AFTER Christmas gifts.

With holiday travel underway on Louisiana roads, State Police have increased their patrol numbers, reminding everyone to buckle up, keep your hands on the wheel; off your phone, and your eyes on the road, paying attention to the highway message boards…
CUT 5 (06) Q: “through Louisiana”
That’s DOTD spokesman Rodney Mallett.

Louisiana State Police are investigating a late-night crash around 10:30 last night, that involved a stopped 18 wheeler on the shoulder of I-20, and a GMC truck that drifted over from the road, crashing into the truck. The driver- 73 year-old Charles Dillard – survived, but his passenger-56 year-old Regina Dillard of west Monroe died at the scene.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command has already started tracking Ole Saint Nick…:
CUT 2 (32) “reporting”