09:30 Newscast December 24, 2014

Clean-up and recovery will take place today in Tangipahoa Parish near Amite where a tornado touched down yesterday afternoon causing damage to nearly 20 homes. Jeff McKneely, spokesperson for Tangipahoa Parish Emergency management, says thankfully no one was hurt as a result of the twister…

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It is reported that at least a dozen families have been displaced as a result of the tornado.

Now that we have the nasty weather conditions behind us, State Climatologist Barry Keim says we can expect to have some nice weather for Christmas in the Bayou State. He says colder temperatures are now being seen across Louisiana…

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But he says Christmas morning is when the real cold weather is going to settle in.

Two Louisiana movie theaters will participate in the limited release of the controversial Sony Pictures movie “The Interview”. The film’s wide release, which was scheduled Christmas Day, was cancelled by Sony after threats were made by computer hackers. Chalmette Movies in Chalmette and the Robinson Film Center in Shreveport will screen the movie beginning tomorrow.

A thief with a heart two sizes too small is behind bars after the Washington Parish Sheriff’s office got a tip that Mr. Grinch was trying to steal Christmas. Michelle Southern reports…

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