8:30 LRN Newscast August 31

Attorney General Jeff Landry has signed a legal brief that asks the US Supreme Court to overturn an appellate court ruling so that private employers can fire a transgender worker based on their gender identity. Louisiana Trans Advocates Board Chair Dylan Waguespack is concerned the A-G’s legal move gives the greenlight for anti-trans employers to discriminate…
cut 14 (10) “….the state”
Landry’s office argues the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects employees from sex discrimination, not gender identity.

Forecasters are monitoring a tropical wave over Hispaniola that’s expected to cross over Florida and reach the eastern Gulf. But at this time, the National Hurricane Center gives the tropical wave a 10-percent chance of developing into a tropical storm by Tuesday. The system could increase rain chances next week.

Tigers fans are invading the Dallas area this weekend ahead of the big opener against number 8 Miami in AT&T stadium just up the road in Arlington. Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Phillip Jones if you decided this week to make the trip, he recommends grabbing a hotel in Dallas because there are not many near the stadium. He says if you do, it’s a short drive up to AT&T.
Cut 10 (10) “…on traffic“
Kick-off Sunday between the Tigers and Hurricanes is at 6:30.

An if you are driving to Dallas, the statewide average price for a regular gallon of gasoline is $2.59. Triple-A fuel analyst Don Redman says that’s nearly 40-cents more than a year ago…
cut 9 (10) “….almost $3.50 a gallon”
Redman anticipates gas prices will go down after the Labor Day holiday weekend.