LRN AM Newscall 08/31/2018

The oldest chartered harvest festival in the Bayou State kicked off yesterday in St. Mary Parish. Connor Ferrill has the story.

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LSU fans taking the pilgrimage to Dallas this weekend for the Miami opener have more than a few ways to entertain themselves when they aren’t watching the Purple and Gold take the wind out of the Hurricanes. Kevin Barnhart has more.

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Attorney General Jeff Landry is joining 15 other Republican governors and AG’s calling for the US Supreme Court to reject a trans employment protection decision from the Appellate Court. Matt Doyle has more.

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The oldest chartered harvest festival in the Bayou State kicked off yesterday in St. Mary Parish. Morgan City hosts the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival every year to recognize some of their economic staples. Director of the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival Darby Radcliffe says the festival began in 1936 after a historic fishing day…

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The festival will feature a variety of activities like fireworks, a street parade, and a children’s village with inflatables and games on the weekend.

A variety of food is available and Radcliffe says any shrimp enthusiast has plenty of options…

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 Radcliffe says despite the seafood and oil industries facing trouble in the past the festival is getting a big win in sponsorship as Frito Lay is bringing an exclusive chip for visitors to sample…

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With Labor Day Weekend being the swan song to summer, travelers are hitting the highways in search of a final road trip of the season.  AAA fuel analyst Don Redman says Louisiana has seen the statewide average price of a regular gallon of gas has dropped mildly just ahead of the holiday weekend but is still higher than this time in 2017.
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Redman says at $2.59 a gallon, the statewide average price of regular gas may be higher than last year, but compared to the national average, Louisiana is seeing a break at the pump.
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Redman says it’s been four years since the last time the statewide average price of a regular gallon of gas exceeded this year’s price tag of $2.59
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Tigers fans are invading the Dallas area this weekend ahead of the big opener against number 8 Miami in AT&T stadium just up the road in Arlington. Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau Spokesman Phillip Jones recommends grabbing a hotel in Dallas because there aren’t many right near the stadium. He says if you do, it’s a short drive up to AT&T.

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Jones says Dallas is a foodie’s city with a plethora of options for the discerning Louisianan who’s got some of the highest expectations for local cuisine. But it is Texas, and if you’re in Texas, you better get some Texas-style barbeque…

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And if the game doesn’t go our way and you need to blow off some steam with a stiff drink, a bite to eat, and some local music, he’s got just the place for you.

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The game kicks off Sunday at 630PM.


Attorney General Jeff Landry is joining 15 other attorneys general and governors from across the nation who are petitioning the US Supreme Court to shoot down workplace protections that would prevent transgender workers from being fired for being transgender. Louisiana Trans Advocates Board Chair Dylan Waguespack says the amicus brief is another anti-LGBT statement from the AG.

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The brief was inspired by a Court of Appeals decision that supported a Michigan trans woman’s claim that she was unlawfully fired from a funeral home she worked at for her gender identity.

Waguespack says the National Trans Survey recently showed substantial amounts of discrimination against trans people in employment, housing, education, and more. Waguespack says there’s plenty of precedent for trans protections, and the AG’s decision to back the brief gives the green light for anti-trans employers in Louisiana to begin discriminating.

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The amicus brief outlines why the group of Republican leaders feels that the current Title Seven law does not include protections for gender identity. It is not a lawsuit or an official legal challenge.

But Solicitor General Liz Murrill says that’s just not the case, and that the AG’s decision to join with the 15 other Republicans will not lead to increased discrimination. Murrill says if trans people feel that their gender identity deserves protection from employment discrimination, they should take their case up with the legislature, not the courts or the Governor.

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In 2016 Landry successfully challenged an Edwards’ administration order that would have protected LGBT state workers from employment discrimination and harassment. Landry’s legal team says their primary objection was with the inclusion of trans workers in the order, not the gay, lesbian, or bisexual protections.

Murrill says the current approach to trans workplace protections is unconstitutional because it sidesteps congressional and legislative processes in favor of judicial and executive decisions. Murrill says the decision must be made by lawmakers because judicially protecting trans workers from employment discrimination takes away rights from employers.

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Louisiana Tech will begin the 2018 campaign in Mobile on Saturday as they’ll visit South Alabama. The Bulldogs have won a bowl game the last four years, but Coach Skip Holtz says his seniors are hungry for achieving a bigger goal and that’s a  Conference USA Championship….

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South Alabama has a new coach. Steve Campbell takes over the Jaguars after leading Central Arkansas to a Southland Conference Championship last season. Holtz says it’s not easy to prepare for a team who has a new coach, so they anticipate making some mid-game adjustments

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For the first time in several years, LSU doesn’t start the season with a primary running back. But LSU sideline reporter Gordy Rush says Coach Ed Orgeron has several different options to carry the football

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It’s a big question mark how successful LSU’s offense will be with long-time assistant Steve Ensminger now calling plays. Rush says Ensminger has the personnel to have a very good offense…

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