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Three Louisiana State Police Troopers who took a side trip to Vegas during former Superintendent Mike Edmondson’s tenure and allegedly had themselves a night out on the town at the state’s expense have had their disciplinary sentences significantly reduced by the civil service commission. The troopers claimed their actions were justified because of permission granted by Edmonson when they were assigned to training in California, but Metropolitan Crime Commission President Rafael Goyeneche says that defense shouldn’t have held up.

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Louisiana State Police are investigating a deputy-involved shooting in Livingston Parish.  So far, the investigation reveals the deputies responded to a domestic disturbance when a deputy encountered an armed individual at the residence.  Shots were fired at the individual, who later died at the scene from his injuries.

Governor Edwards is back in town after a trip to New Jersey where he talked criminal justice reform with the President. During an appearance to 107.3’s AM Baton Rouge show, the governor defended what he called the state’s progress with justice reforms that have led to Louisiana losing the title as the world’s incarceration capital. Edwards says the way the state used to do business just wasn’t working.

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Louisiana shrimpers say a strike could be coming soon if prices hit thirty cents a pound as they are feeling the effect of cheaper, imported seafood.  Captain Acy Cooper says many of the imported shrimp from countries like Indonesia are flooding the market just before the season kicks off in the Bayou State.  Shrimp talk gotcha hungry? Cooper says to ensure you are purchasing Louisiana shrimp, buy your seafood directly from the local fishermen.  And as far as ways to eat shrimp…

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