8:30 LRN Newscast August 10

The State Police Commission significantly reduced the discpline three troopers received for their taxpayer funded side trip to Las Vegas in 2016, before arriving at a law enforcement conference in California. State Police Colonel Kevin Reeves went before the Commission arguing for a harsh punishment, as the department seeks to regain the public’s trust. Metropolitan Crime Commission President Rafael Goyeneche had this reaction…
cut 9 (09) “…setback”
The FBI has been investigating former State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson for alleged improprieties during his nine-year tenure, but the probe has yet to result in any charges.

I-10 West is closed at the Scott in Lafayette Parish as a result of a crash involving an 18-wheeler that’s carrying a chemcial. The semi crossed the median and hit another vehicle. No major injuries are reported, but the closure could last several hours.

Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards is back in Louisiana after his visit with President Donald Trump to discuss criminal justice reform. The Republican President is pushing Congress to spend 50-million dollars on drug treatment, education and job skills programs. Edwards told the President the state saved 12-million dollars in the first year of its criminal justice reform effort
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New laws went into effect this month regarding DWI convictions. If a breathalyzer is used and the driver is convicted of a DWI, the fine for the use of that breathalyzer has been raised 50-dollars to 125-dollars. Impaired driving consultant with the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, Mike Barron, says judges are also now allowed to extend probation for for people convicted of multiple DWI offenses…
cut 5 (11) “….as long as eight years’