6:30 LRN Newscast August 10

John Bel Edwards was the only elected Democrat to participate in a roundtable discussion on criminal justice reform with President Donald Trump. In the portion open to the media, Edwards told the President about the efforts in the Bayou State to lower the state’s inmate population…
cut 14 (13) “…yes sir”
Edwards also invited the President to take a tour of the State’s Penitentiary at Angola.

Louisiana shrimpers say a strike could be coming soon if prices hit thirty cents a pound, because of cheaper, imported seafood. Louisiana Shrimpers Association President Acy Cooper says many of the imported shrimp from countries like Indonesia are flooding the market just before the season kicks off in the Bayou State.
Cut 10 (04) “…run our prices down.”
The shrimp season is set to begin on Monday.

Several new traffic laws went into effect as of August 1. Among those laws, were stiffer penalties for DWI convictions, new laws on driving in flooded areas, and the use of off-road vehicles on public roads. Act 198 levies an additional $50 fine for the use of a breathalyzer if the traffic stop results in a DWI conviction. The increase raises the fine to $125. Impaired driving consultant, with the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Mike Barron, says that money is being reinvested into traffic safety.
Cut 4 (10) “…the DWI laws.”
Barron says lawmakers also changed existing law to give judges the ability to sentence a third and fourth-offense DWI driver to probation for up to eight years.