4:30 PM Newscast

Colorado State University hurricane researchers continue to predict a below average season.  Researcher Phil Klotzbach says no matter what the forecast may call for, it is always important to be ready during hurricane season.

Cut 5 (04)  “…season for you” 

Klotzbach says there has not been a named storm since July 15th and 2009 was the last time a name storm did not formed between July 15th and August 6th.

A Kenner mom is under arrest after allegedly assaulting the citizens who rescued her 11 month and 3 year-old children from a hot car. Kenner Police Lt. Michael Cunningham says cameras showed the citizens helping the children exit the vehicle and after the mother discovered this, she ran out, and started punching the good Samaritans.Cunningham says the midday temperatures when the kids were discovered were brutal.  Cut 7 (10) “99 degrees.”

Investigation Discovery airs a two-hour documentary tonight called “Sugar Town,” which examines the controversial death of Victor White the Third.  The 22-year-old black man died from a gunshot wound sustained while handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser in New Iberia. State Police and the Iberia Parish coroner say White shot himself, but White’s family says no way. Journalist Tony Brown is glad White’s case will receive more national attention with the airing of “Sugar Town”…

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The show airs at 7 PM tonight.

The Harvest Center Church in Lafayette says they will not pres charges against a man who stole donations from their school supply drive. Pastor Daniel Kelly says they confronted the culprit, who claimed he needed the supplies for his family.  He says the incident happened while they were praying in the sanctuary.

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