7:30 LRN Newscast August 6

Corrections Secretary Jimmy LeBlanc says 2017′s criminal justice reforms are starting to show great results, despite criticism from DA’s that the program is leading to dangerous criminals being released too soon.
Cut 2 (30) ”I’m Matt Doyle”

Investigation Discovery will air “Sugar Town” tonight at seven o’ clock. It’s a two hour documentary that examines the 2014 death of Victor White the Third, who was shot in the back of a police cruiser in New Iberia. The cororner and a State Police investigation determined White shot himself, but his family says that can’t be possible, because White was in handcuffs.

With the November 6th election three months away, the campaigns of those on the ballot are doing their best to find funding. LA-Politics.com Publisher Jeremy Alford says it’s still early, but the six Congressmen running for re-election have seen solid collections….
Cut 4 (11) “…congressional district 1.”
That’s House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who faces five challengers. But Scalise has one-point-eight million dollars in cash on hand as of June 30th.

It’s National Farmers Market Week and Louisiana Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain is encouraging residents to visit one of Louisiana’s 75 farmer markets and 100 roadside stands. Strain says you’ll find the freshest fruits, vegetables and other Louisiana grown products…
cut 8 (12) “…flat squash”
Strain says it most cases. crops get from the field to your family on the same day at a farmer’s market.