1130AM LRN Newscast July 31

Congressman Mike Johnson says he’s jumping in the race to be the Chairman of the largest caucus of conservatives in Congress.  Jeff Palermo has the story.

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The Senate is taking up a plan that would extend the National Flood Insurance program through eh hurricane season, for the next four months. The House passed similar legislation six days ago, but if the vote stalls out in the Senate, the flood insurance program will lapse as of 12PM tonight. Negotiations on a longer term flood insurance deal have been ongoing.

Advocates are ramping up the campaign to convince voters to vote yes to the unanimous jury verdict constitutional amendment on the November 6th ballot. The amendment requires over 50 percent of voters in the fall to back it, and would undo the Jim Crow era legislation that sets up Louisiana as a legal outlier in the American justice system. Alexandria Lawyer Ed Tarpley says the law’s racist roots need to be addressed.

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The law was passed during the post-civil war reconstruction era, where critics say the objective was to deprive African Americans of the ability to have a jury of their peers. 48 other states, along with the federal justice system require unanimous juries.

The Louisiana Department of Education have announced the most recent recipients of the titles of Teacher and Principal of the Year. Principle of the Year honors went to Dr. Eric Davis of Wossman High School in the City of Monroe School District.

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