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An invisible menace haunts the beaches of Florida this summer, Connor Ferrill has more.

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A Louisiana US Congressman is introducing legislation that would toughen up requirements for imported seafood. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Southwest Louisiana US Congressman Clay Higgins is introducing legislation that would require imported seafood be held to the same safety standards as American seafood. The Imported Seafood Safety Standards Act would beef up the amount of inspections conducted on foreign fish. Higgins says US protecting US seafood isn’t just a Bayou issue.

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The bill would increase inspections to 20 percent of all food imported, up from roughly ten percent now, demand that food meet FDA standards, and require that first set of shipments from any new overseas company have 100 percent of its cargo inspected.

Higgins says it’s not just about protecting the state and countries’ economic interest, he says allowing tons of uninspected food from countries with lax regulations to end up on American plates could be a public safety issues.

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The topic has been a focus for past Louisiana Congressman, but all previous efforts have stalled out. The Republican Congressman says he expects it won’t be an easy fight, considering the resources available to international seafood companies.

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The heat that has impacted the state this past week is now expected to continue through the weekend.  According to state climatologist Barry Keim, a weak trough is expected to form along the northern Gulf Coast and will increase the chance for thunderstorms and bring down temps around the area.

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Keim says those temps will be much welcomed after the sweltering week experienced in the state.

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For those considering a beach day this weekend, Keim gives it a thumbs up.

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