PM Newscall May 31

Tougher laws against bestiality has been signed into law. Becca Dill has more…

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The governor signs legislation by Senator Fred Mills that hopefully will bring down drug prices. Matt Doyle has the story.

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Governor John Bel Edwards holds a bill signing today for Baton Rouge Representative Patricia Smith’s legislation that restores voting rights to individuals who have served time on felony offenses, and have been out of prison for five years, but are still on parole or probation. Edwards says giving people back their rights reinvests them in their communities.

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Edwards says many convicted felons deserve a second shot at life.

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The bill took three tries to get enough votes to clear the House. Edwards celebrated Smith’s tenacity in fighting for bills that can be controversial, but that he believes are ultimately just.

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It’s estimated voting rights will be restored for 70,000 Louisianans.


The governor is signing legislation by New Iberia Senator Fred Mills that’s aimed at pushing down drug prices by requiring prescription benefit plans (that prescription card in your wallet) inform consumers when they get rebates from drug manufactures. Mills says before, your drug plan could hide those rebates, and pocket money that should have been going back to you, but now…

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Many people don’t realize those rebates are the reason your insurance forces you to buy one pill over another for the same illness. Mills says if your benefit plans are getting savings by forcing you to buy certain drugs, they should pass those savings back to you.

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Mills says you should be asking whoever provides your prescription card if they’re passing those new savings on to you.

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Similar legislation has passed that would require benefit plans provide that information to the state, so the state can negotiate lower Medicaid prices.


Ella Brennan, a Queen of New Orleans Cuisine, has passed away at the age of 92. As an influential member of the Brennan family, she helped shape and guide the New Orleans food scene in iconic restaurants like Commanders Palace. Food Critic Tom Fitzmorris says few people on earth had her same talent for turning restaurants into world famous culinary institutions.

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Fitzmorris says Brennan was a shrewd businesswoman who turned the infamous 1970s Brennan family fallout into an opportunity to make her own way in the restaurant industry. She started over with nothing but Commanders palace, which she turned into a New Orleans legend that specializes not just in award winning food, but spectacle.

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Brennan sheparded some of New Orleans most iconic chefs, like Paul Prudone and Emeril Lagasse through stints at Commanders and her other venues. Fitzmorris says she had an eye for talent.

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