07:30 LRN Newscast May 31st

The Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs committee made major changes to a sales tax renewal bill by removing more exemptions, which means businesses will be forced to pay more in sales taxes. The proposal would raise 642-million dollars, which nearly adresses the entire projected revenue shortfall and Alexandria Senator Jay Luneau says the legislation would prevent deep cuts. Luneau also criticized Republicans for proposing to reduce government spending, but not identifying what shouldn’t be funded…
cut 14 (08) “…from us”
The House approved a sales tax bill that would generate 365-million dollars that can be used to fill a 648-million dollar revenue shortfall. A House Republican leader predicts the Senate’s version is unlikely to pass in the lower chamber.

Starting with the 2019-20 school year, public schools will be required to display the motto “In God We Trust” and the schools will have also have to teach students about the motto. Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow says she doesn’t see the new law infringing upon someone’s religious opinion and it is a motto in which this country was founded on…
cut 11 (07) “…prayer”
The legislation is not expected to cost schools that much money, because they could display the motto on paper.

On paper LSU and Northwestern State face a difficult Regional in Corvallis, Oregon. You can bet there will be LSU fans arriving today and tomorrow in the Pacific Northwest and Sean Fredenburg with the LSU Alumni Association Portland Chapter says Louisiana fans will find lovely weather…
cut 9 (08) “…it’s beautiful”
Meanwhile, the Bayou State is expecting triple digit heat this weekend.