Legislative Report May 30

The Governor signed a series of bills that passed through the legislature and ended up on his desk, that cover a wide range from abortion, to fantasy sports. One of the issues the governor signed off on was Senator Neil Riser’s legislation that removes a training mandate that was passed in 2010, requiring anyone who brings a weapon into a church, mosque, synagogues or other religious building to take an additional eight hours of weapons training before entering the premises.

The governor also signed a 15 week abortion ban that closely mirrors an effort in Mississippi that is under a federal court challenge. The legislation flew through the legislature, and marks a notable separation between Edwards and the national Democratic Party. The legislation would only go into effect if Mississippi’s ban survive a court challenge.

And an expansion of the State’s earned income tax credit passed the senate and is on its way to the House. Bill Sponsor Senator JP Morell.

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Online fantasy sports gaming will be on the ballot for parish approval in November after grabbing the governor’s signature. The legislation by River Ridge Representative Kirk Talbot breezed through the legislature this year after past attempts stalled out. Talbot says it just took some time to educate lawmakers about why fantasy sports is not the same as sports betting.

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He says its closer to a game than gaming.

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Talbot fully expects many parishes will approve the measure in fall. Once that happens, the state will go about putting together a framework to generate some revenue off of the games.

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