LRN PM Newscall April 30

Severed heads in Texas and Louisiana have law enforcement officials wondering if there is a connection. Jim Shannon has more.

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In Concordia Parish, an Australian-based manufacturing plant is about to move in. Jeff Palermo has more.

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A unrestrained Deville teen was killed in a car crash Sunday morning around 4AM on LA Highway 8 in Grant Parish. State Police Master Trooper Scott Moreau says the tragedy occurred after the driver, 18-year-old Benjamin Williford, lost control…

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Toxicology tests are pending.

Moreau says Williford was not wearing a seat belt.

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State Police Troop E says they’ve dealt with 12 fatal crashes so far this year.


Investigators are trying to determine if severed heads discovered last month near lakes in Texas and Louisiana are connected. Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson says the head found in his parish next to Highway 27 and one in Texas are eerily similar.

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The Texas and Louisiana connection according to Johnson seems to point toward a serial killer. The heads were found in similar surroundings about 150 miles apart at Lake Houston and Calcasieu Lake.

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An inmate doing clenup labor found the severed head in Cameron Parish on March 1st. Volunteers cleaning near Lake Houston made their discovery on March 24th. Johnson believes that another body discovered in his parish in 2016 could also be a part of these similar crimes.

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Australian-based Syrah Resources has selected Vidalia to open a 25 million dollar graphite processing plant. The  facility will produce products that are used in commercial and automotive batteries. Mayor Buz Craft says it means 25 new jobs

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A 50-thousand square foot building is available for Syrah and the average annual salary will be 60-thousand dollars. Craft hopes it leads to more businesses coming to Concordia Parish.

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With many large metropolitan areas converting their old diesel buses to clean electric or natural gas propulsion, the product produced at the Vidalia plant will be in high demand for years to come.

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A reported LSUPD Officer being sought by police for allegedly battering his girlfriend and holding her hostage overnight. Twenty-five-year-old Samuel Ellis III was charged with 2nd Degree Battery and False Imprisonment as a result. Baton Rouge Police Spokesman Sgt. Don Coppola says it was a brutal crime.

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BRPD has not confirmed Ellis’s occupation.

Coppola says Ellis’s girlfriend survived the assault, but was badly hurt.

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Coppola says a search is on for Ellis, and is asking for the public to pass on any information they have, but…

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Ellis’s vehicle was located in the Baton Rouge area, but police say his whereabouts are still unknown.