LRN PM Newscall March 30

Representatives with the Alzheimer’s Association of Louisiana were at the state capitol this week to urge state legislators to approve funding to help families who have loved ones suffering from this horrible disease. Jim Shannon has more…

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Shaquille O’Neil is offering a helping hand to the Lafayette High athletics program after the school reached out to him for fundraising help. Matt Doyle has more.

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After a slow start, the crawfish supply is ready to match the Easter weekend demand. Freezing temperatures in January temporarily halted production, but LSU Crawfish expert Doctor Greg Lutz says the mudbugs have bounced back….

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Easter weekend is the peak demand for crawfish eating. Lutz believes there’s enough mudbugs to go around…

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Lutz says crawfish like to eat when the weather is warm, so the size of the mudbugs should be excellent too…..

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NBA and LSU legend Shaquille O’Neil is helping Lafayette High School athletes get ripped with a big donation to the school’s weight room renovation project. The school is looking to raise 42,000 dollars to give the Mighty Lions a better room to pump iron in. Shaq kicked off the fund drive off with a message of encouragement to the students.

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The Lafayette Parish School System says to help the school meet their goal, they’ll match the first 21,000 dollars raised as part of the South Louisiana Giving Day Event. Mighty Lions head football coach Rob Pool says the donation will go a long ways towards fixing a crucial part of the athletics program.

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Pool says the school reached out to Superman to help them promote the fundraiser, but everyone was floored when they saw how far he went to help out.

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Many children will be eager to find eggs during the traditional Easter egg hunts this year. There are things to keep in mind, especially if you plan on eating those eggs that are found. Louisiana Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain says it’s important to use the correct dyes when coloring your eggs…

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After the Easter egg hunt, the children may want to eat those eggs. But Strain says it’s important to note how long they have been outside of a refrigerated environment…

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He also says not to eat cracked eggs that are found before hard boiling. And how much money will you pay for those eggs? Strain says the price is up slightly higher than last year…

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Representatives with the Alzheimer’s Association of Louisiana were at the state capitol this week to let lawmakers know Alzheimer’s is health care crisis in this state. Spokesperson Adrienne Mullens says the number of families dealing with this disease is staggering

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Mullens says they lobbied lawmakers to pass a resolution that recognizes the seriousness of the disease and provide support for caregivers. She says they estimate there are 232-thousand people in Louisiana who care for someone with Alzheimer’s

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