12:30 LRN Newscast March 29

Governor John Bel Edwards is seeking legislative approval for his plan on how to spend 123 million dollars in surplus money from the last fiscal year. If he has his way, 40 million dollars of the excess would be dumped into transportation projects…
Cut 13 (10) “and safety.”
The spending will need legislative approval.

71 people were arrested in a Shreveport bust targeting prostitution and human trafficking. The sweep took place from March 20th-23rd. Authorities have released the names, with ages ranging from 68 years-old to a juvenile. Shreveport Police Corporal Angie Willhite says the charges involve a wide range of criminal behavior.
Cut 12 (09) “weapons arrest”
Those arrested were from multiple states as far away as Nebraska.

A bill to establish one set of rules for ride sharing companies has come up in the legislature. If passed Uber and Lyft will be riding high. Jim Shannon explains.
Voicer 1 (29 “I’m Jim Shannon”