LRN Newscall PM March 28

A move to install camera’s in nursing homes cleared a House panel this morning. If approved by the entire legislature, you could check on your loved ones at any time. Jim Shannon has more.

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A House Committee has approved a bill that would increase fees for hunting and fishing licenses. Matt Doyle has the story.

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A tornado watch has been issued for much of north and central Louisiana until nine o’ clock tonight. A flash flood watch has also been issued for much of north and central Louisiana until tomorrow morning.  Shreveport National Weather Service forecaster Davyon Hill says several inches of rainfall are expected to fall…

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Forecaster Matthew Duplantis says there is a moderate risk of a severe weather outbreak…

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Duplantis says those living in areas where storms begin firing need to be alert…

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Despite opposition from nursing home owners, a proposal that would allow for surveillance cameras in nursing home rooms has cleared a House committee. New Orleans representative Helena Moreno says her bill would allow an extra set of eyes on a loved one who is in a nursing home….

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None of the nursing home owners spoke against the bill, but they put in “red cards” to announce their opposition. Moreno says the resident and if there’s a roommate would have to sign a waiver, before the cameras can be installed. She says the family would be responsible for the costs.

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Lucy Titus testified in favor of the legislation. She says her 92 year old mother mysteriously had a black eye when she went to visit her. She says had a camera been in the room, she would have known what happened.

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The bill now moves to the full house.


The House Natural Resources Committee approved a bill requested by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to increase the price of hunting licenses to 20 dollars and fishing licenses to $13.50. LDWF Secretary Jack Montoucet says the current fees do not pay for what the department needs going forward.

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The bill is projected to generate an additional 10 million dollars annually.

LDWF is also looking to consolidate the total number of licenses from 117 to 30. Montoucet says this will streamline the process for sportsmen looking to take on the outdoors.

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Erath Representative Blake Miguez opposed the price hike portion of the bill. He says people in his district are suffering from a lagging oil industry and don’t want to see prices go up on their favorite hobby. He proposed revisiting the legislation at a later date.

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The bill passed 12-3, and moves to the House floor.


Legislation cleared the House Health and Welfare committee that would allow certain autism patients to have the ability to receive a prescription for medical marijuana once it comes available in Louisiana.  Louisiana Mothers Advocating for Medical Marijuana spokesperson Katelyn Castleberry says some of the current drugs on the market are unsafe for autism patients

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The bill was approved on a 9-4 vote. The Louisiana Chapter of American Academy Pediatrics opposes the legislation. President and Doctor John Vanchiere says more testing needs to be done to see if medical marijuana is safe for children to use…

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The author of the bill is Harvey Representative Rodney Lyons. The Democrat from the New Orleans area says there are a lot of families struggling with an autism patient and medical marijuana could be their answer to a better life…

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Approved marijuana pharmacies are expected to open later this month. Under current law, only patients with cancer, AIDS, seizure disorders, Chron’s disease, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis can be prescribed medical marijuana.