12:30PM LRN Newscast March 28

A bill that would have reshaped the way TOPS is administered was killed yesterday. The Senate Education Committee defeated the measure to make TOPS a flat four-thousand dollar annual award and provide additional stipends for students who perform well on the ACT. LSU Student Body Vice President Rachel Campbell says reducing TOPS award amounts for some students is not the way to build a strong economy……

Cut 11 (08) “and TOPS.”

Senator Blade Morrish proposed the legislation as a way to lower the cost of TOPS for the state. It costs an estimated 290-million dollars. He says if the legislature is unwilling to overhaul TOPS then it will continue to struggle paying for it every year..

Cut 13 (10)  “this program.”

It’s still unclear if TOPS will be fully funded next fall as a budget.

Despite opposition from nursing home owners, a proposal that would allow for surveillance cameras in nursing home rooms has cleared a House committee. New Orleans representative Helena Moreno says her bill would allow an extra set of eyes on a loved one who is in a nursing home….

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Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor’s anti-hazing bill passed through the Senate and is on its way to the House. The bill would increase the possible civil penalties associated with hazing related deaths. The vote was 28-3.

And now, here’s commodity prices.