8:30 A.M. LRN Newscast 03/28/2018

Minimum wage, equal pay for women, and pay secrecy laws were all struck down in the upper chamber last night. Matt Doyle has more.

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The House Health and Welfare committee is expected to hear legislation today that would allow medical marijuana to be used as a legal treatment for persons with autism. Louisiana Mothers Advocating for Medical Marijuana spokesperson Katelyn Castleberry says her two sons suffer from autism and even though marijuana has been used as a recreational drug for years, the medical benefits outweigh the stigma attached to it. Studies have shown that medical cannabis is quite effective for autism…

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A bill seeking to make major changes to TOPS faced opposition from LSU students. The Senate Education Committee defeated the measure to make TOPS a flat four-thousand dollar annual award and provide additional stipends for students who perform well on the ACT. LSU Student Body Vice President Rachel Campbell says reducing TOPS award amounts for some students is not the way to build a strong economy……

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Saint’s coach Sean Payton got asked for a hot take on the draft and didn’t hesitate to say there’s one quarterback he really admires, and that’s Louisville’s Lamar Jackson. Jackson shredded records and grabbed a Heisman while captaining the Cardinals. Payton waxed poetic about the gunslinger who just happens to be slipping into the late first round in many mock drafts.

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