PM Newscall November 26, 2014

As you get the kitchen ready to cook the family Thanksgiving feast, State Fire Marshal Butch Browning hopes safety is on your mind as well. Jeff Palermo has more…

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Federal judges ruled this week that same sex marriage bans in Arkansas and Mississippi are unconstitutional. Jeff Palermo looks at where Louisiana stands on this issue

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As you get the kitchen ready to cook the family Thanksgiving feast, State Fire Marshal Butch Browning hopes safety is on your mind, as well. Browning says it’s important that your stove and oven are clean and properly maintained. He says once you begin cooking, you should attend to that cooking…

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Browning says unattended pots on the stove is the cause of many kitchen fires during Thanksgiving. He says, as friends and family gather, make sure you pay attention to kids playing in the kitchen…

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Browning says one specific hazard where they see a lot of house fires is the outdoor frying of turkeys. He says a main factor in fires involving fried turkeys is having your cooking apparatus too close to your home…

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Mississippi and Arkansas are the latest states to have a federal judge rule their gay marriage bans violated the US Constitution. Those two rulings came down yesterday. But Loyola University law professor Dane Ciolino says Louisiana’s ban on same sex marriages is safe for now

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U-S District Judge Martin Feldman in New Orleans upheld Louisiana’s gay marriage ban with a ruling he made in September. Ciolino says because there are conflicting rulings from various federal judges and appellate courts, the Supreme Court will be forced to make a ruling

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Ciolino says rulings made in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas have been or are in the process of being appealed to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. He says it’s likely that appellate court will rule against same-sex couples…

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Cleco is now offering its customers an energy efficiency program to help reduce their monthly energy use. Spokesperson Robbyn Cooper says the best way to manage your bill is to manage your energy consumption…

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The program is available to all of Cleco’s 284,000 customers in Louisiana. Cooper says there are many features to this program and more information can be found on Cleco’s website. She says the process will start with a free energy assessment…

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The assessment will show customers where they can make energy efficient improvements to their home. Cooper says that, if you need to have work done on your home to improve its energy efficiency, you can save by using one of Cleco’s approved contractors…

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This weekend Louisiana highways will be filled with holiday travelers, shoppers or those heading to or returning from big college and high school football games. State Police Trooper Jared Sandifer is reminding motorists to make smart decisions behind the wheel

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Unfortunately, Sandifer says State Police has already investigated about a dozen fatal crashes since last weekend

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Sandifer says they are participating in the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission’s “Click or Ticket Campaign,” which means they’ll be looking for unbuckled drivers and passengers

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