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A Moreauville family is fighting the town that is trying to enact a ban on vicious dogs. Eric Gill has the story…

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The Destrehan High School teacher involved in a sex scandal with a 16-year-old student pleads not guilty today. Michelle Southern reports.

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A Moreauville family is fighting the town that is trying to enact a ban on vicious dogs. Joanna Armand, whose family owns a pit bull named Zeus, is fighting to lift that ban. Armand began an online petition and it has already generated over 245,000 signatures. She’s also reaching out to dog owners in Moreauville and Avoyelles Parish…

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Moreauville passed an ordinance banning pit bulls and rottweilers from town limits. If the ban goes into effect, the family would be forced to give up one-year-old Zeus, who has no history of aggressive behavior. Armand says giving up Zeus would devastate her family since the dog provides love and support for four of her children who have special needs…

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Armand calls Zeus a “Mom’s Helper” for the role he has taken with her children. It’s reported the ordinance was passed because several residents said they were chased by dogs in neighborhoods, although no attacks have been documented. The ban was to go into effect December 1, but that date has been put on hold. Armand feels the town handled this situation in the wrong way…

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The riots in Ferguson, Missouri, over the decision by a grand jury not to indict a white police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager has caught the attention of many people in Louisiana. Dialogue on Race Louisiana C-E-O Maxine Crump says the civil unrest is a sign America still has a long way to go to removing color barriers

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Crump does not condone the burning of businesses, which occurred last night in Ferguson. But she says these type of emotional outbursts will continue unless America does more to make sure discrimination is no longer a part of our society

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There are at least three vigils or rallies planned for tonight in Louisiana in response to the grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Crump says these events can be positive and a way for people to peacefully express how they feel

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The Saints dropped their third consecutive home game last night losing to the Baltimore Ravens 34-20. The loss puts the Black & Gold at 4-7 on the season. Head coach Sean Payton says the team needs to play better, but the coaches also need to coach better moving forward…

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This is the first time the Saints have lost three in a row at the Dome since 2001. Quarterback Drew Brees says the team having this type of stretch during the season is definitely disappointing…

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Even though the Saints’ record is disappointing, they are still tied for first place in the NFC South. The Saints now prepare to travel to Pittsburgh for a Sunday matchup against the 7-4 Steelers. Brees says losing is no fun…

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Texas Governor Rick Perry is campaigning with Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy today. They are making three stops in Louisiana in an effort to get out of the vote as Cassidy tries to unseat democratic senator Mary Landrieu on December sixth. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says it’s a good political strategy

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Meanwhile, Landrieu is spending her afternoon, talking with workers at a marine facility in Houma and she also has a meeting with seniors and disabled residents in Terrebonne Parish.  Pinsonat says Landrieu is trying to drum up more support from blue collar workers and seniors…

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Pinsonat expects Landrieu to be active on the campaign trail leading up to election day, but it’s likely not enough to keep her job as a US Senator

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