LRN 7:30 A.M. Newscast 03/01/2018

LSU students guilty of hazing will be expelled from campus. Jeff Palermo has more on the school’s new zero tolerance policy against hazing…

Cut 2 (29) “I’m Jeff Palermo.”

A Mason Dixon Polling and Strategy poll finds that Democrat Governor Edwards has a 55 percent approval rating. 31 percent disapprove and 14 percent answered they were unsure. But Pollster Brad Coker says the high approval rating doesn’t mean he’ll be re-elected in 2019, if his opponents are either House Majority Whip Steve Scalise or Republican Senator John Kennedy…

Cut 4  (11) “46-43.” 

The special session called to address a looming one-billion budget shortfall is on the verge of getting nothing accomplished. The House overwhelming rejected a sales tax bill that would have generated an additional 300-million in revenues.

Democrats strongly oppose legislation that proposes a sales tax rate of four and a quarter percent. Before the governor took office, the sales tax rate was four percent. New Orleans Representative Gary Carter says he can’t support this bill, unless there are also changes to income tax brackets which would lead to higher wage earners paying more taxes…

Cut 11 (10) “in this state.”

State Senator Troy Carter has filed a bill for the regular session that raises the age to purchase an assault rifle from 18 to 21. The New Orleans Democrat says he believes in the Second Amendment rights

Opponents to this legislation could say that you can join the military under the age of 21 and carry an assault rifle, so why couldn’t you buy one? Carter argues….

Cut 15 (08) “or none.”