1630 Newscast January 2

Louisiana Radio Network News, I’m Matt Doyle

There’s no escaping the frigid temperatures this week in Louisiana, Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Two people were found dead today at the site of a house fire in Baton Rouge, bringing the total to over seven houses fire across the state in just 24 hours. The Baton Rouge fire department arrived on the scene just after four a.m. in the 2300 block of 78th avenue. State Fire Marshals are warning Louisianans to not use irregular heating devices in the face of this unusually cold winter weather, and to make sure you check your fire alarms before going to sleep tonight.


Congressman Mike Johnson and Attorney General Jeff Landry put out their “Louisiana Student Rights Review”. Recently a Webster Parish school came under fire for utilizing religious ceremony during mandatory attendance events. Johnson says the school was within its rights to broadcast religious content…

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He says the resource was created to clear up legal questions relating to the use of religion in schools.

It can be tough to get back on the horse after an extended weekend full of holiday festivities, and this cold weather probably isn’t helping. CEO of Mid America Careers Nick Murphy says there’s no need to go zero to sixty when returning to work…

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Murphy says along with easing yourself back into a good workflow, that a new year can be a good time to look for a better job.

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