PM Newscall January 2

Do your best to get used to this cold weather, because it will be around all week. Jeff Palermo has more from the National Weather Service…

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The cold weather is a big threat to this year’s crawfish harvest. Matt Doyle has more.

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2018 is off to a very cold start. Lows this morning were in the teens to low 20s and wind chills were in the single digits in some areas. Phil Grigsby, with the National Weather Service in Slidell, says this arctic air mass is not going away…

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Another hard freeze warning is in effect for tonight into tomorrow morning. But Grigsby says there is some good news, as the winds will die down and that will make it feel a little warmer outside…

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Girgsby says we’ll have to wait until this weekend before the Bayou State can finally thaw out…

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Many find it hard to be motivated at work after taking time off for the holidays. And with the extended cold snap, it may be challenging to get out and go back to work.  But once you get there, CEO of Mid-America Careers Nick Murphy says do not be too hard on yourself as you get back into “work mode”…

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There may be a large backlog of work that needs to completed that has stacked up.  Murphy says don’t feel as though everything needs to be done right away…

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If you are in a job that you truly are not happy with, it may be a good time to make a change at the start of the new year.  Many employers are starting to hire with new budgets in place. Murphy cautions not to make too quick of a jump…

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Fourth District Congressman Mike Johnson and Attorney General Jeff Landry have released the “Louisiana Student Rights Review”.   Johnson says the resource was created to answer many legal questions and to clear up misconceptions about religion on school campuses.

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Recently a school in Johnson’s Congressional District came under fire after a teacher allegedly conducted open prayer with students.  And a mother filed suit against a Webster Parish school after claiming all school events, including graduations, had a degree of religious ceremonies.  Johnson feels the schools are not in the wrong.

Johnson says the publication is available for download and hopes everyone involved in the education system can benefit.

Johnson served as a constitutional law attorney for nearly 20 years prior to being elected to Congress, successfully defending religious freedom in school throughout Louisiana and nationwide.


The arctic blast keeping Louisianans indoors is threatening this year’s crawfish harvest. The state’s winters are usually wet and mild, perfect conditions for breeding plenty of big crawfish, but the near record lows have halted production. Louisiana Crawfish Promotion Board President David Savoy says if the below freezing temperatures continue, it could kill off a large part of this year’s harvest…


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Savoy says this year’s struggles are tough to swallow after last year’s crop came with a low profit margin. He says in the meantime, expect much smaller crawfish…

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The sudden freeze could end up making crawfish a hard find in time for an earlier than usual carnival season. Temperatures are set to return to winter norms next week, and Savoy says that’s the earliest he expects fishermen to be able to start trawling again.

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