16:30 LRN Newscast October 31

The suspect in last week’s double murder at Grambling State University, Jaylin Wayne, says he’s not guilty and has hired a defense team. Attorney Ronald Haley says there was yet another suspected shooting on campus this past weekend, and they feel more light should be shed on a bigger problem at Grambling…gun violence…
Cut 11 (11) “3.6 GPA”
Wayne faces first-degree murder charges.

State Police asks the public to make smart decisions tonight, especially if they attend a Halloween party…
cut 14 (10) “….to drink”
Trooper Melissa Matey says State Police responded to several fatal accidents last Halloween weekend where 11 people lost their life, six of those wrecks were alcohol related.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff deputies arrested a woman for allegedly pepper spraying people at a Chuck E. Cheese in Metairie. Lt. Jason Rivarde says 24-year-old Katarian Marshall was angry and started indiscriminately spraying pepper spray, hitting five adults and two kids:
Cut 4 (06) “by paramedics”
Marshall is charged with disturbing the peace by fighting.

Ascension Sheriff deputies arrested two Prairieville men for allegedly stopping a school bus and one of the men was armed. Lt. Colonel Ward Webb says 58-year-old Clifton Hamby and 60-year-old Kerry LaSaicherre (Les-sha-share) were angry with the bus driver for speeding on the road they lived on. Webb says the men should have called police instead…
cut 8 (11) “…the peace”
Webb says the men never threatened the bus driver with the gun.