11:30 Newscast October 31,2017

The safety of drivers and trick or treaters is top priority for State Troopers.
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The state Department of Health is scheduling an additional flu vaccination clinic in Cameron Parish as there has been an uptick in flu activity. Dr. B.J. Foch (Fosh) says the cases are in one specific area.
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The Louisiana Department of Health is warning those frequent patrons of indoor shooting ranges about toxic exposure to lead. Dr. David Holcombe with Office of Public Health says there are currently no regulations to control dangerous levels of exposure.
Cut 7 (09) “HEPA filters.”
There are at least 50 shooting ranges in Louisiana, a third of those are indoor.

A New Orleans woman was arrested after allegedly using pepper spray on multiple people inside a Metairie Chuck E Cheeses. Lt. Jason Rivarde with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office says they were called to the scene and arrested Katarian Marshall after an apparent argument.
Cut 3 (07) “the woman.”
Marshall is charged with disturbing the peace by fighting.