10:30 LRN Newscast October 30

Governor John Bel Edwards is traveling to Puerto Rico today to meet with Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello (Rose-a-oh) and other officials to discuss and see first hand the recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria.  Louisiana launched a donation drive to help Puerto Rico collecting over 100 pallets worth of donated goods along with heavy equipment were sent to help in their recovery along with more than 300 members of the Louisiana National Guard.  About half of those members remain.  Governor Edwards will return tomorrow.

Changes have been made to Mega Millions. It will result in larger multi-state jackpot prizes, but the price of a ticket has increased from one to two dollars. Louisiana Lottery Spokesperson Kimberly Chopin says since they know larger jackpots will start at 40-million-dollars, it will lead to more players for Mega Millions.

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The first drawing under the revised rules is tomorrow night.

A paperless drywall is being installed in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans homes 12 years after Hurricane Katrina.  LSU’s AgCenter Science Instructor Bill Robinson calls it wet proofing.  He says he is finding homeowners are willing to upgrade to his method once they see the benefits…

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The experiment is also on the campus of LSU at the Louisiana House.

Halloween is a time for celebration, but State Fire Marshal Butch Browning reminds the public some costumes and decorations are highly flammable. Browning says costumes should have a fire retardant coating, so they don’t easily burn. He also says nearly half of all home fires during Halloween are a result of decorations too close to a heat source.

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Jack o lanterns and dried cornstalks are some of the most flammable decorations.