12:30 LRN Newscast August 25

Here’s the latest with Hurricane Harvey….it’s nearly a Category Three storm as it’s bearing down on the lower and middle Texas Coasts. The five-day forecast track calls for Harvey to stall once it reaches landfall and then early next week, start to drift towards Louisiana…
cut 7 (10) “…right now”
That’s state Climatologist Barry Keim who says the official forecast track has Harvey as a Tropical Storm near the Texas-Louisiana border Wednesday morning.

Get ready to pay for higher gas prices, because Harvey is shutting down refinieries along the Texas coast….
cut 10 (12) “…15-cents”
Don Redman with Triple-A says the current statewide average is $2.14.

Surveillance video of a Shreveport woman stealing multiple bottles of liquor went viral and it helped authorities catch the alleged booze thief. Shreveport Police spokesperson Angie Willhite says the video shows 37-year-old Sekonie Jones putting the liquor in her purse, pants and even her bra….
cut 5 (09) “…on it”
Willhite says Jones walked out of the store with 11 bottles of alcohol on her person. She surrendered to authorities and charged with misdemeanor theft.

And other note on Harvey, LSU says it’s game next Saturday in Houston against BYU remains as scheduled.