10:30 Newscast August 25

Texas is bracing for the landfall of a major hurricane, but Louisiana is not out of the woods. Jeff Palermo has more…

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A Shreveport woman has been arrested after a video showed her stuffing bottles of liquor in her purse, pants, and even her bra at a convenience store. Shreveport Police say 37-year-old Sekonie Jones is charged with one count of misdemeanor theft. In a Facebook post, Jones says, “I hustle that’s what I do.”

A report by SmartAsset finds Louisiana is home to the third worst drivers in the country. Vice President of Financial Education AJ Smith says the Bayou State did poorly in most of their metrics.

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The only category Louisiana did well in was the low rate of DUI arrests.

A woman in Jefferson Davis Parish is now a millionaire after winning $2 million in the Powerball. The woman works as an assistant manager at the Tiger Mart in Lake Arthur, and her manager April Lemaire says the winner still hasn’t decided how to spend the cash.

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Lemaire says the winner will likely use the money to take care of her four children.