07:30 Newscast, August 25th, 2017

Texas is bracing for the landfall of a major hurricane, but Louisiana is not of the woods. Jeff Palermo has more…:
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Louisiana is home to the third worst drivers in the nation, according to a report by SmartAsset. Vice President of Financial Education AJ Smith the state scored poorly in vehicle fatalities, insurance rates, and Google searches…:
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Smith says at 86 percent, Louisiana has the 16th lowest rate of insured drivers in the country.

A southwest Louisiana mother of four is now a millionaire after winning $2 million in the Powerball. The woman works as an assistant manager at the Tiger Mart in Lake Arthur. Store manager April Lemaire says if anyone deserves to win, it’s her…:
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The Tiger Mart will receive a bonus of 20-thousand dollars for selling the ticket.

The state Department of Education announces a new program has launched that would let experienced teachers statewide get training to become mentors to aspiring educators. Assistant Superintendent of Talent Hannah Diestsch says these expert teachers will receive a one thousand dollar stipend if they are selected by their school district as mentors…:
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You can find out more online at LouisianaBelieves.com.