12:30 Newscast, May 31st, 2017

A very emotional debate on military monuments is underway in the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs. Two bills are being discussed seeking to protect war statues in the state, and one supporter began crying over the removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans. Shreveport Representative Thomas Carmody authors one of the measures and has already said he doesn’t believe the votes are there in the committee to pass. Chairman Karen Carter Peterson staunchly opposes the legislation.

Two bills are heading to the Governor’s desk that seek to close loopholes in Louisiana’s domestic violence laws. One measure by New Orleans Representative Helena Moreno adds dating partners to the laws. Interim executive director of the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Mariah Wineski, says these victims need protection under the law…:
Cut 9 (07) “were killed”
The other measure includes same-sex partners in domestic violence laws.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office is not happy the Humane Society of Louisiana sent out a release about a dog that was killed after being dragged behind a pickup truck. Captain Daniel Seuzeneau reminds the public that if information doesn’t come from an official law enforcement source, be cautious before passing judgement. He says the man involved has been identified and is fully cooperating with authorities…:
Cut 7 (09) “right now”
Seuzeneau says they are currently interviewing the man, witnesses and have sent the dog off for a necropsy.

All 3 key prison reform senate approved bills got out of House criminal justice today and head to the full House for final legislative passage.