09:30 LRN Newscast may 29th

The state Department of Veteran’s Affairs reminds Louisianans to remember the real reason for Memorial Day. Don Molino has more…

Cut 1 (30) “I’m Don Molino”

An Alabama man was killed in a skydiving accident in Slidell on Sunday. St. Tammany deputies say 53-year-old Benjamin Leroy Crowell was training another person when he lost consciousness shortly after jumping out of a airplane. Witnesses say the two men hit the ground hard. The trainee was airlifted to a hospital and his condition is not known.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are concerned about an increase in cryptosporidium in public swimming pools. It’s a parasite that can cause diarrhea. The CDC’s Michele Hlvasa (Vah-sah) says people get infected when they swallow dirty water…
cut 8 (08) “…well treated pools”
Hlvasa says to protect others from getting crypto, stay out of the pool if you’ve had diarrhea recently.

A bill awaiting the governor’s signature will give pet owners up to 30 days to claim their cats and dogs if they were lost during a natural disaster. Ag Commissioner Mike Strain says shelters will take ownership after the 30-day period…
cut 14 (08) “….those animals”
Strain says local laws allow shelters to take ownership after 10 days.