07:30 LRN Newscast may 29th

Thousands are waking up this morning in the dark after severe storms knocked out power across north Louisiana. Entergy reports almost 10-thousand outages in northeast Louisiana. SWEPCO is reporting 25-thousand are without power along I-49 in northwest Louisiana. And State Police say one person was killed when a tree fell on a car in DeSoto Parish.

There’s a week and a half left in the regular session and there is a major disagreement between Governor John Bel Edwards and House Republicans over the proposed spending plan for next fiscal year. Publisher of La-politics-dot-com Jeremy Alford says the GOP-led House passed a budget that allocates 97.5-percent of available revenues and Democrats want to spend more….
cut 11 (09) “…and diming”
The Senate Finance committee has been examing the budget over the last couple of weeks and they are expected to make changes to it, before advancing the spending plan to the full senate.

Pet owners will soon have more time to claim their lost pets after a disaster. A bill awaiting the governor’s signature allows pet parents 30 days to claim their fur babies following a state of emergency. Ag Commissioner Mike Strain…
Cut 13 (11) “an owner”
Currently, local laws allow shelters to take ownership of animals 10 days following a disaster.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say they’ve seen up uptick in a parasite called cryptosporidium in public swimming pools. Michele Hlvasa (Vah-sah) says to protect others from getting crypto, stay out of the pool if you’ve had diarrhea. She says you need to be diarrhea free for at least two weeks…
cut 9 (08) “….have stopped”
Crypto will cause diarrhea in people who ingest the infected water.