The state Department of Veteran’s Affairs reminds Louisianans to remember the real reason for the Memorial Day long weekend. Don Molino has more…

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As people hit the pools to escape the summer heat, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns the public about bacteria in public pools. Halen Doughty has more…

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It’s possible a special legislative session could convene right after the current session ends. Jeff Palermo has more…

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As many Americans are grilling outside with friends and family, it’s important to remember the real reason for today’s Memorial Day holiday. State Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary, Col. Joey Strickland, asks Louisiana residents to take time today to remember our fallen heroes.

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Strickland says while both holidays are important, many Americans confuse the meanings of Veterans Day and Memorial Day. He says Memorial Day honors the fallen who have given their all on the battlefield, along with…

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11-thousand men and women from Louisiana made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States in all wars. Strickland encourages the display of American flags to show patriotism for Memorial Day. He says remembering those who lost their lives doesn’t have to be a big show, it can be a private moment.

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With the summer in full swing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns the public about bacteria in public pools. Michelle Hlvasa (Vah-sah) with the CDC says there’s a germ called cryptosporidium that’s causing a lot of outbreaks linked to swimming. She says they’re seeing an uptick in the number of infections.

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Hlvasa says crypto is a parasite that causes diarrhea that can last up to three weeks. She says it gets into the water when someone with diarrhea gets into the water. She says people get infected when they swallow dirty water.

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Hlvasa says to protect others from getting crypto, stay out of the pool if you’ve had diarrhea recently. She advises people who have been sick to stay out of the water until you’re diarrhea free for at least two weeks.

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To learn more about healthy swimming, visit


It’s possible we could see another special session start 30 minutes after the current regular session ends on June 8th. That’s according to Jeremy Alford of who says the potential need for a fourth special session during Governor Edwards term is because the current fiscal session has bogged down over partisan politics.

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Alford says it’s difficult to tell how successful a special session would be given the steep opposition of many budget bills. He says the Republican-led House has passed a budget that allocates only 97.5 million dollars available revenues and Democrats want to spend more.

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Governor Edwards has struggled to reach compromise with the GOP dominated House over budget issues and Alford says battle lines were drawn on the first day he took over as governor…

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Pet owners will soon have more time to claim their lost pets after a disaster. A measure by Gonzales Representative Clay Schexnayder allows pet parents 30 days to claim their fur babies following a state of emergency. Ag Commissioner Mike Strain says his agency takes in abandoned animals after disasters.

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The bill won approval in both chambers and is awaiting a signature from Governor John Bel Edwards. The measure also allows for extensions because of extenuating circumstances like displacement. Strain says shelters will take ownership of the animals after the 30 day period.

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Strain says 30 days is the national average to reclaim lost pets, and Louisiana needed this law on the books because up until now state law was silent on the matter. He says this new law will gives pet owners more hope of finding their lost pets after natural disasters.

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LSU is expected to be a top eight national seed when the NCAA baseball pairings come out today. That means the Tigers will host a super regional series, if they win this weekend’s regional championship. Tiger Rag Associate Editor James Moran says it’s hard to deny LSU a sixth straight national seed based on what they’ve done this season/…

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LSU learned it was a regional host last night and they’ll find out today the other three teams that will be part of that regional, which will begin on Friday. Moran says this Tigers team will be tough to beat in post season play….

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Moran says the way LSU is playing, they are a good bet to get to the College World Series, but anything can happen in baseball….

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