830 Newscast May 27

Governor John Bel Edwards signs the first piece of legislation from the 2017 regular session. The measure by Leesville Representative Jason Armes establishes the Louisiana Military Medics and Corpsmen Pilot Program, which seeks to help veterans translate their military skills into civilian trades. The new law allows veterans with medical military certifications to work under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Louisiana Economic Development and other partners create a program to help veterans start their own business after leaving active duty. Secretary Don Pierson says the Louisiana Veteran Entrepreneurship Program is a great way to thank those who fight for our freedom.

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Pierson hopes this program will create 100 new jobs and generate $5 million in startup capital.

The Department of Health is facing a massive budget cut, and Secretary Rebekah Gee pleaded with the Senate Finance Committee to restore funding. But Mandeville Senator Jack Donahue says healthcare spending now accounts for nearly half of the state’s entire budget.

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Donahue says the health budget has grown more than a billion dollars since 2010.

Today and tomorrow Louisiana residents can buy hurricane preparedness items at a discounted sales tax rate. Department of Revenue spokesperson Byron Henderson says lawmakers approved this tax holiday to encourage families to prepare for the hurricane season.

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The full amount of any local sales tax still applies to purchases.