LRN PM Newscall October 22nd

Cold and flu season is upon us and people are looking for ways to avoid coming down with a seasonal bug. Eric Gill has more…

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A report released from the state department of education shows that 92-percent of public school teachers were rated as effective. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Cold and flu season is upon us and people are looking for ways to avoid coming down with a seasonal bug. The Centers for Disease Control recommends everyone over six-months of age to get a flu vaccine. Dr. Fred Lopez, with the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, says there is a reason for that recommendation…

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He says one you get the flu vaccine, don’t expect it to work immediately. Lopez says it takes a couple of weeks for your body to develop antibodies from the vaccine…

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Lopez says once you receive a flu vaccine, you’ll still want to take steps to avoid any infections this season. He says washing your hands with soap and water and using hand sanitizers are good ways to keep the flu at bay. But Lopez says you should not stop there…

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Governor Bobby Jindal announces JP Morgan Chase has donated $1 million into the fund that helps technical colleges fund programs focused on training skilled workers. Jindal says this money will allow the community and technical colleges to expand courses specifically designed to meet the workforce training needs here…:

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Monty Sullivan is the Louisiana Community and Technical College System President. He says this money will be used in a very targeted way to address the most high demand programs in Louisiana…:

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The $1 million dollar gift will be matched with $4 million in state funds. Sullivan says the donation will help them secure funding through the WISE Fund which was created by the legislature to help fill high-need jobs…:(Sullivan says the money will be used to pay for classes such as welding, pipe-fitting, petroleum technology and electrical work.)

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The man who killed his son’s abductor at the Baton Rouge airport in March of 1984, Gary Plauche, died this week at the age of 68. Jeffrey Doucet was accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting Plauche’s son Jody 30-years-ago — and when the suspect was extradited back to Baton Rouge, Plauche was waiting at the airport then fired a shot. The incident was caught on camera and Abram McGull was the news photographer…:

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Plauche was sentenced to 5 years probation but did not get jail time. The news director of the television station at the time, John Spain, said he didn’t think the public wasn’t surprised that Plauche just received a suspended sentence…:

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His family said Gary died from complications related to a stroke. The son, Jody who was 11 years old at the time, is now an advocate for child victims of sexual assault. McGull, who is a former federal prosecutor, says he found out the video of the incident is being used by the FBI and other law enforcement…:

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The Louisiana Department of Education released a report today on the evaluation of public school teachers. The report shows 92% of teachers received an effective grade. Superintendent John White says while we should be proud of teachers reaching that achievement, the inflation of highly effective scores outpaced the growth of student achievement scores…

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Teacher “Compass” ratings are based equally on Student Growth Score and classroom observations. Individual school districts are responsible for rating their teachers. White says schools and school districts that set a high bar when observing teachers see progress in both educators and students…

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White says the most critical piece of information they received from this report is that schools who expect more of their teachers, will see an increase in student growth…

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