1430 Newscast March 31

The former Marksville officer who fatally shot a 6-year-old boy will spend 40 years behind bars. Derrick Stafford testified he didn’t know the little boy was in the vehicle when he fired his weapon. Loyola law professor Dane Ciolino says this is a lengthy sentence for a terrible mistake.

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The judge ruled today Stafford must serve 20 years before he’s eligible for parole.

A Baton Rouge lawmaker is seeking to end the death penalty for first degree rape and murder. Senator Dan Claitor says the death penalty cheapens life, which degrades society. He says his Catholic religion teaches him all life is sacred.

Cut 9 (10) “a victim”

More than two dozen teens are in hospitals after two busses carrying students from Lee High School in Baton Rouge collided this afternoon. Adonica Duggan with the East Baton Rouge School System it’s upsetting these kids were injured after being rewarded with a field trip for good behavior.

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The crash occurred on I-10 near LaPlace.

ULM is rehoming some biology research collections from its Museum of Natural History. Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Eric Pani says the specimens need special housing to protect them, and ULM isn’t using the collections as much since research funding has been cut.

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