07:30 Newscast, March 28th, 2017

TOPS would be fully funded by using revenues from riverboat gambling, under a proposal to be taken up in the upcoming regular session. Halen Doughty has more…:
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The Louisiana State Police Retirement System released figures Monday which indicate former LSP Col Mike Edmonson could get an over $128,000 annual pension for life if approved by the board. Edmonson retired last week amid criticism over the way he was handling the department and certain travel related expenses and overtime pay.

Most Louisianans oppose reducing the amount of the TOPS scholarship award to cut costs, according to a recent survey from LSU. State leaders have proposed several means of making TOPS more affordable, including limiting the amount each student receives. Michael Henderson with the LSU Public Policy Research Lab says 64 percent of people don’t approve…:
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He says the survey did find that 60 percent of respondents support raising the academic requirements for the scholarship.

Most families are satisfied with their kid’s early childhood provider, according to a recent survey from the Department of Education. It finds 90 percent of respondents are likely to choose their program again. Assistant Superintendent of Early Childhood, Jenna Conway, says families also say they are befitting from the changes which simplify enrollment…:
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But she says four out of ten families note they are not sure if their child is making progress.