13:30 Newscast October 17th, 2014

Are Americans overrating about the Ebola threat? Local health officials are urging citizens to calm down. Eric Gill reports:
CUT 1 (28 ) “reporting”

State Police say a man from Houma is under arrest for allegedly making threatening statements about the Terrebonne DA and judges on his Facebook Page. They say 50-year-old Michael Martin was arrested at his home and booked into the Terrebonne jail on a charge of terrorizing.

The Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office has arrested the father and step-mother of the 11-year-old boy who ran away from home in Plain Dealing. Lt. Bill Davis says the boy was found about 25 hours later after going to a home five miles away tired and looking for food. He was then returned to his family. Davis says at that point the case turned when authorities noticed bruises on the boy’s body…
cut 7 (10) “against this couple”
43-year-old Ernest Bell and 30-year-old Kristen Downs were booked on charges of child abuse, neglect, and drug charges.

The community around the hardest hit areas in Monroe/West Monroe by the EF2 tornado is making news because of the community response. Alan West Brockman is president of a property management company in Monroe and he says it was a major grass roots effort by citizens taking charge…:
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