08:30 LRN Newscast March 1st

Louisiana’s Senior U-S Senator Bill Cassidy says he was impressed with President Donald Trump’s first speech in front of Congress….
cut 30 (10) “…eight years”
Democrats remained concern about the repeal of Obamacare and the possibility thousands will lose their health insurance.

A former member of the State Police Commission tells Governor John Bel Edwards in his resignation letter it’s time for State Police to have new leadership. Lloyd Grafton says Colonel MIke Edmonson does whatever he chooses to do, including taking credit for awards others have earned. We asked Edmonson to respond to Grafton’s claim that he should step down…
cut 12 (08) “…state police”
There are investigations looking into a costly road trip by four state troopers.

Bankrate.com finds Louisiana is the fourth worst state for first-time home buyers. Analyst Claes Bell says a tight housing market and high unemployment rate are two big factors, plus young buyers do not have the credit score as older buyers…
cut 6 (09) “…as well”
Bell says first time buyers might have more success getting a loan through a local lender, instead of a national bank.

The Lenten season is underway and the state’s seafood industry will look to keep up with demand for those who choose to stay away from meat today and on Fridays. Chairman of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board Chalin DeLaune says there’s plenty of crawfish and oysters, but seafood retailers are making adjustments because of a local 30-day closure on commercial crabbing…
cut 8 (09) “…a way”