LRN Newscast 17:30 February 27th

A legal analyst says the man accused of injuring more than two dozen Endymion parade goers in New Orleans may only face 5 years in jail…
Voicer 1 (31) “I’m Halen Doughty”

Allergy season is in full swing earlier this year, and experts say because Louisiana had such a mild winter, there never really was a low pollen period. Dr. Kenneth Paris, with LSU Health New Orleans, says warm winters typically mean pollen season will peak earlier, and last longer…:
Cut 9 (09) “when we don’t have rain”
Paris says there’s excellent medicine available to control symptoms.

A DeSoto Parish homeowner has been arrested for fatally shooting a man who was allegedly vandalizing his car. Mansfield Police Chief Gary Hobbs says 34-year-old Cody Parker saw 50-year-old James Hewitt near his car and shot Hewitt multiple times as he was fleeing the scene….
cut 12 (11) “pronounced dead”
Hobbs says Parker is charged with second-degree murder.

Volunteers are coming together to help Louisiana flood victims get back into their homes. Louisiana Launch volunteer Shanna Forrestall says their group helps families who are not getting what they need from insurance or FEMA….:
Cut 3 (10) “their houses”
She says Lousiaina Launch can provide donations to families who need it the most, those with elderly, disabled and special needs members.