15:30 Newscast Feb 27

Police say the drunk driver who crashed into parade goers at Endymion in New Orleans had a blood alcohol content three times the legal limit. A judge says if 25-year-old Neilson Rizzuto is able to post bond, he’ll be put on house arrest. Legal analyst Tim Meche says his circumstances aren’t really that bad.

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Rizzuto is charged with negligent vehicular injury, hit and run, and careless operation.

Launch Louisiana is helping August flood victims rebuild their damaged homes by covering the cost of their drywall. Volunteer Shanna Forrestall says donations can be made at LaunchLouisiana.com.

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She encourages everyone to share the link on social media to raise awareness for the cause.

A Mansfield man is behind bars on a murder charge after he fatally shot a man who was vandalizing his car. Police Chief Gary Hobbs says 34-year-old Cody Parker has filed police reports in the past for issues with vandalism.

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Hobbs says they’re trying to determine if Parker and the victim, 50-year-old James Hewitt, had a previous connection.

If you’re struggling with allergies more than usual this year, you’re not alone. Dr. Ken Paris with LSU Health New Orleans says a mild winter has led to more pollen. But he says there are plenty of effective medicines to help keep their symptoms under control.

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Paris recommends non-sedating oral antihistamines and over the counter intranasal steroid sprays.