09:30 LRN Newscast Feb 25th

The Board of Regents has decided not to move forward on a recommendation to increase the credit hour requirement to 30 hours for TOPS students and instead tabled the idea for more study. Higher Education Commissioner Joe Rallo supports the board’s decision to hold off on upping the hourly requirement from 24 hours….
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As of now, the TOPS scholarship program is not fully funded for next year, which means recipients may have to pay for a portion of their tuition again next school year.

Louisiana’s own Paul Rainwater has emerged as a top candidate to lead the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The DeQuincy native has a lot of experience when it comes to disaster recovery. He once served as the executive director of the Louisiana Recovery Authority.

Grambling State University officials are working to have the undergraduate nursing program reinstated by 2018. Halen Doughty has more…
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Mardi Gras revelers have been looking forward to this weekend. But executive director of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, Doctor Katara Williams, says if you consume alcohol, do not drive…
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