LRN AM Newscall February 1st

The Tax Foundation released data on which state imposes the highest combined state and local sales taxes and Louisiana comes in first at 9.98-percent. Don Molino has more…

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Operation We Care has shipped 300 king cakes overseas to soldiers to celebrate Mardi Gras. Emelie Gunn has more…

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LSU heads into national signing hoping a few big-time recruits choose to play for the Purple-and-Gold. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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14 individuals have been arrested after an extensive burglary investigation by the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office. Capt. Tommy Carnline says each time a search warrant was conducted, it led detectives to find more information or the recovery of stolen property. He says the suspects were part of what seems to be a huge burglary ring.

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Carnline says three additional suspects are still wanted. He says this group of people burglarized at least six locations, where a variety of items were stolen, including body armor.

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Carnline says some of these burglaries started back in the fall, but the bigger break ins took place in January.

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The Tax Foundation releases data on what each state imposes when it comes to state and local sales taxes, and Louisiana leads the nation with a rate of 9.98-percent. Vice President for State Projects Joe Henchman says having a high rate is okay for states if it’s managed well and residents can afford it. But he says that’s not the case in Louisiana.

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Louisiana is facing a 304 million dollar budget deficit and Henchman says the Tax Foundation has recommendations for state lawmakers to fix problems with its tax system. He says the rate is so high because what the tax applies to is so narrow…

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Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and Washington are ranked behind Louisiana in the top five. Henchman says Louisiana certainly deserves its number one ranking.

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The group, Operation We Care out of St. Tammany Parish, has shipped 300 red, white and blue king cakes to U.S. soldiers overseas to celebrate Mardi Gras. Public Relations Director Colleen Smith says these cakes were specially made by Randazzo’s Camellia City Bakery in Slidell for the troops. She says it’s all about putting a smile on the soldiers’ faces.

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Smith says names of soldiers are gathered by Louisiana people, so typically most soldiers who receive a cake are from the state, but anyone from anywhere can receive a king cake.

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Operation We Care has been sending troops king cakes for 14 years. Smith says they chose to send the red, white and blue cakes rather than traditional Mardi Gras colors to be a little more special and patriotic. She says they are able to send the soldiers these packages strictly though donations.

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President Donald Trump nominates federal appellate judge Neil Gorsuch of Colorado to the Supreme Court. Several Democrats have said they will try and block Trump’s nominee from U.S. Senate confirmation. Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana is disappointed Democrats started voicing their concerns, before they knew who the nominee would be

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Senate Democrats have already been slow to confirm many of Mr. Trump’s picks for cabinet secretaries. Scalise points out that most of former President Barack Obama’s cabinet scretaries were already confirmed during his first week in office…

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Meanwhile on the House side, Scalise says legislators are set to pass bills this week to bring jobs back to America…

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It’s national signing day and the LSU Tigers hope to secure a top five recruiting class. Several top recruits have yet to publicly say where they’ll play college football, including Marvin Wilson, the nation’s number one defensive tackle. Sonny Shipp with Geaux  24-7 says Wilson is also very interested in Florida State, but LSU might have an edge over the Seminoles for the Texas product

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LSU enters national signing day with the sixth best recruiting class in the country, according to 24-7. Shipp says highlighting the class are two quarterbacks, Lowell Narcisse from St. James and Myles Brennan of Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. Shipp says the class also contains five-star defensive back JaCoby Stevens

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LSU also needs to sign linebackers and they hop to get a couple of them to sign today. He says they already have a verbal pledge from the country’s top inside linebacker Jacob Phillips

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